Google+ - many ways to do identity?

Update 2011/06/28 :

Looks like Google+ finally launched if only to a select group of invites:

Analysis of security identity implications of circles as more information comes out. Having it baked in should make a lot of difference. Lessons look learned with Instagram type filters for photo sharing and a mobile application built from the start.

Lets just hope it doesn't take a Wave time timeframe to launch to everyone.

Exciting news today with Google circles to be announced at SXSW and then disappointingly not. Lets hope that Google can learn the lessons of Wave about not stretching the hype for too long before the launch and not screwing up privacy. Lets also hope they can deliver something that is truly engaging and delivers the vision of law 5 in the laws of identity where others have failed:
5. Pluralism of Operators and Technologies
A universal identity system must channel and enable the inter-working of multiple identity technologies run by multiple identity providers
Facebook groups has yet to solve this problem and Zuckerberg's quote "Having two identities for yourself is an example of a lack of integrity” may suggest they will never get it and don't see that as a problem.

More analysis as details on Google Circles is released. Until then, this deck outlining what is possible the vision behind Google circles is well worth reading:

The videos are well done:

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