Why advertise your Facebook site?

If you do not learn from history:

You are doomed to repeat it:

Since reading Mark Evan's post last year everytime I see an advertisement on TV or a billboard with the Facebook site link (http://www.facebook.com/brand) instead of the brand's primary website I cringe. It is not that I have anything against Facebook, for me it is a brilliant tool for keeping in touch with people in a three continents. I just do not get people that follow brands on Facebook though, sure maybe there are deals e.g. the Starbucks page but that does not seem worthwhile to pollute your newsfeed.

I especially do not get brands that promote their Facebook page ahead of their primary website. Sure people are spending about a third of their time online on Facebook and about a quarter of everyone on the Internet is on Facebook but if you are going to spend millions on advertising why direct people to your Facebook page?  I mean it is easy enough to link to the Facebook page, use it for deals, comments etc but surely your advertising should promote your primary site. Any users that spend their life on Facebook and want to follow brands are going to find your site from a link or by searching directly on Facebook anyway. Not only is advertising Facebook page putting all your eggs in the AOL Facebook basket it cannot be good for SEO and having your main site being front of mind with your consumers. Also unless you have started to use Facebook credits and are transacting through your site or sell nothing online, surely you are better off having users go directly to your main site and actually make you money? 

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