7 ways to exploit psychology to sell security

I have felt the bitter taste of defeat many times. That feeling in a meeting, on a call at a presentation when you feel the tide turning against you. All the logical arguments that seemed so persuasive ten minutes ago have evaporated and all you have is another meeting or a working group to explore options. The security improvements that were so badly needed rejected once more. @J4vv4d from Quantainia writes for a new years resolution "If you’ve heard me talk about security but still don’t think it’s important. That’s my fault not yours". So why not use some techniques from psychology to help?

The suprising security model for NFC payments


One of my new years resolutions was to learn more about NFC security. Not because I disagree completely with people saying it is over-hyped but since Chip and pin was added to credit and debit cards, NFC is one of the most interesting innovations in payments, at least in the west (Japan has been using NFC for years). NFC presents some really interesting security challenges so I have been reading a lot of research papers and buying coffee for a number of experts. What I have discovered so far really surprised me.

What does Sony need to rebuild confidence after #sonyhack ?

Was debating with a few security collegues whether this massive 77 Million + data breech would actually hurt Sony on the bottom line and discussing TJX as a good example where actually as a retail organization the impact may not be that large nor that permanent.


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