Practical gun reform

The Connecticut shooting this week has really affected me. Far more than similar incidents in the past. Not really sure why but probably because of the young age of the kids that were killed and my own impending fatherhood. Just the thought of 9 months of caring for this little thing and then all the love and care you put in afterwords to all be taken away in a random event like this. It is sickeningly frighting. My thoughts and emotions like many others spring to why does these type of events always seem to happen in America? Bowling for Columbine comes to mind and the gut reaction is that guns have a large part to play and something must be able to be done to reduce the chances that this type of event could ever happen again. Is there any chance for practical gun reform not just in the US but improvements in all countries?

How security surveys could be improved

"It is a matter of opinion, there is isn't any science behind it". A quote from a partner at a Big 4 accounting firm at a presentation I attended recently. In security, very few companies have the systems in place to capture the data to accurately perform quantitative risk assessments, assess security costs and investments in a true cost benefit manner nor measure the true cost of security incidents. Sadly this means that we are reliant on surveys as a source of insight into everything from emerging threats, benchmarks of maturity and whether we are investing in the right areas. So if this is the case, why aren't security surveys better and what could be done to make them better?


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